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2019 UCSF LGBTQIA+ Health Forum: Herbalism for Whole Patient Transgender Care

Join Kara Sigler and Emiliano (Lee) Lemus for a workshop on how medicinal herbs can support transgender patients, presented at the 2019 UCSF LGBTQIA+ Health Forum.

Powerpoint slides here.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore the scope of use of medicinal herbs in gender transition, from an evidence base and from a traditional wisdoms approach.

  2. Learn how to use several common medicinal herbs for transgender patients, including to assist in gender transition and to mitigate negative health risks from hormones.

  3. Describe how the inclusion of herbalism in western healthcare settings promotes accessibility and culturally-relevant care, particularly for transgender communities experiencing multiple intersections of vulnerabilities.

  4. Identify contraindications of medicinal herbs with HRT, and cases to refer to clinical herbalists.