Workshops & Trainings

I deliver workshops in many settings, including trainings for health care environments and educational workshops for the community. Below are some of my most requested workshops, each of which can be tailored to fit your needs.

As an experienced trainer who lends a distinct LGBTQI-informed and sex positive lens to all my workshops, I am also happy to work with your organization to develop new trainings on gender and sexuality-related topics. Please reach out to request a new training or to suggest a collaboration.

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Transgender Essentials for Clinical Care

This workshop reviews the essentials for working with transgender and gender nonconforming clients. Using a practical, case-based approach, we will discuss transgender cultural competence. This will include sex and gender positive tools for discussing sensitive health topics, and the importance of approaching clients in a trauma-informed manner. We will also review structuring clinical spaces to reflect transgender inclusion. Participants will emerge with a grounded understanding of the health and social concerns faced by many trans clients, as well as best practices for fostering healing.

This workshop is designed for clinical settings. However, it can easily be adapted for other service provision settings and community organizations. I also offer a modification on this workshop, "LGBTQI Essentials for Clinical Interactions."

Sex Positivity: Supporting Health Care Clients with an Inclusive Sexual Health Framework

Participate in an interactive skills building session that will introduce the concept of Sex Positivity, a framework that promotes inclusivity and destigmatizes the diversity of human sexual experience. Sex Positivity allows us to communicate with clients while supporting and creating a safe space for all sexual identities and practices. Join us for a deeper dive into sex positive skills and attitudes that will help us build inclusive and engaged interactions, toward whole-person health for all.

This workshop is designed for clinical settings and health care professionals, and also can be adapted to other environments.



Let's Talk! Communication, Consent & Sexual Health

In this workshop, I lead a sex positive conversation about tools that are important for folks of all genders and sexualities to have in their sexual tool kit. After collectively redefining sex to reflect our diverse experiences, we'll explore communication, good consent practices, and safer sex. In age-appropriate workshops, we also discuss sexual anatomy for pleasure, destigmatizing the diversity of sexual practices, and tips for exploring the full potential of our bodies.

This educational community workshop can be tailored to fit age ranges including teens, college students, and adults. The language and frameworks utilized are queer-, trans-, and kink-inclusive and positive.